ISO 39001.

ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System Certificate

ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System

What is Road and Traffic Safety?

General Directorate of Highways, affiliated to the Ministry of Transportation, carries out many studies to ensure road and traffic safety. For example, marking studies are carried out on highways by using thermoplastic road marking paint depending on the road and climate conditions. Almost all of the lines on these roads are renewed every year.

Almost one percent of the signposts on highways are renewed annually. Because of theft, distortion, lead, loss of sign properties for reasons such as these signs are constantly damaged.

Almost one percent of the guardrails on the sides of highways are renewed every year due to the damage they suffer.

In parallel with the development of technology, intelligent transportation systems are installed at the required points and drivers are warned about traffic and road conditions.

Signaling works on highways are being developed day by day.

Likewise, mobile or fixed automatic counting and classification devices are counted according to the types of vehicles passing over highways.

All kinds of recreational facilities, fuel stations or break areas to be constructed at suitable points along the highways and for the works to be carried out on the highways, permission and opinions are required for road and traffic safety.

The transportation of special cargoes which do not comply with the conditions described in the Road Traffic Regulations in terms of their lengths and weights, but which have no other means of transportation from the road, are again subject to the permission to be taken.

All these efforts are aimed at ensuring road and traffic safety and preventing accidents that cause loss of life and property. Nevertheless, deaths, injuries and material damages cannot be prevented.

Statistics related to traffic accidents are important indicators of development and cultural levels of countries. Reducing the number of traffic accidents by increasing road and traffic safety on highways is one of the most important targets.

The use of new or regularly maintained vehicles, trained drivers and compliance with traffic rules, inspections and safe driving techniques will significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents, but efforts should also be made to ensure road and traffic safety.

What is ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System?

The ISO 2012 Road Traffic Safety Management System standard, issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 39001, is an important standard for identifying and managing the risks of road and traffic safety for enterprises.

In fact, the first standards were established by the British Standards Institution (BSI), which saw serious shortcomings in road and traffic safety. The International Standards Organization developed the ISO 2012 standard based on these standards in 39001. This standard has been more than helpful for organizations responsible for ensuring road and traffic safety.

Road and traffic safety problems affect the transport sector very seriously. These problems are generally caused by incompetence, deficiencies, misbehavior or perception problems of vehicle drivers. Although legal regulations and a number of sanctions and measures are tried to be taken, it is also a problem to knowingly or unintentionally obey them.

In this respect, the ISO 39001 standard defines the minimum requirements for a healthy application of road and traffic safety in the enterprise. By fulfilling the requirements of this standard, enterprises also fulfill their social responsibilities.

What are the Basic Principles of ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System?

Ensuring road and traffic safety is not only an important issue not only in terms of protecting the safety of people, but also in reducing the operating costs of enterprises and reducing the harmful effects on the environment. Companies that establish ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System in their businesses and comply with the requirements of the standard can analyze their activities more easily, evaluate the results more easily and determine transportation policies more easily. Transport policies of enterprises affect their financial, environmental and social costs.

The ISO 39001 standard is designed to guide and evaluate the results of work on the prevention of possible accidents, the avoidance of bodily harm to people, the reduction of material damage to businesses. The basic principles of this standard are as follows:

  • Before the vehicles start off, the traffic speed of the road to be followed, the type of vehicle and the weather conditions should be determined and the safe speed limits to be observed should be determined.
  • The path to be followed by the vehicle must be determined depending on the load the vehicle carries and the type of vehicle
  • The rules of use of the roads and intersections to be followed by the vehicle should be determined
  • Equipment to be used by drivers must be determined according to vehicle specifications
  • To ensure driving safety, drivers should not use alcohol, drugs, or other substances and be tired.
  • For a safe journey planning, the following factors must be considered:
    • Is there a need to travel?
    • Is the right vehicle selected for traffic?
    • Is the driver's license sufficient?
    • Is the correct route determined for the journey?
    • Has the driver's travel frequency been taken into account?
  • The safety of persons in the vehicle other than the driver must be ensured
  • In case of accident, drivers need to be trained in first aid and act quickly.

ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System What Benefits to Businesses?

The greatest benefit that the system will provide to enterprises is that they have fulfilled their social responsibilities. Preventing accidents on highways and preventing the loss of life and property is the basic social responsibility of enterprises. The road and traffic safety policy and targets to be determined by the enterprises within the scope of the standard will bring the company to the forefront in the struggle with its competitors if these are complied with.

By complying with ISO 39001 standard, enterprises will have a more correct management style and operational efficiency will increase. Costs will decrease as service quality increases.

The fact that public and private sector companies operating in the field of transportation have ISO 39001 Road and Traffic Safety Management System certificate proves that these companies attach importance to road and traffic safety, apply the standard requirements, perform corrective and preventive works when necessary and keep the system alive.


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