ISO, EN, CE Standards Product Certification

Product Certification

Especially for the companies that send products abroad, it is very important to produce in accordance with the legal regulations of foreign countries. In recent years, production in accordance with the current legal regulations and standards published by domestic and foreign institutions within the scope of European Union harmonization studies in our country is important in various aspects such as operating profitability, efficiency, health of consumers, environmental protection and competition conditions. The products must comply with many domestic and foreign, local, regional and international strict directives.

It is indisputable that the product certification studies carried out by the certification bodies have provided them to the enterprises in order to ensure the suitability of the products. The range of services covers a wide range of products, from hoisting equipment to cranes, elevators to ropeways, from electrical equipment and equipment to electronic equipment, from pressurized materials to construction materials, even from forest products to ecological products.

Certification bodies provide a framework for certification activities in line with the needs of the enterprises. Within this framework, our organization provides various certification services to enterprises in a fast, reliable and high quality manner based on the authority they have received from domestic and foreign accreditation institutions. Our company provides product certification services to the requesting companies with the following standards:

  • CE Mark European Conformity Certificate
  • G Mark Construction Materials Certificate of Conformity
  • RoHS Certification
  • EurepGAP Certification
  • GlobalGap Certification
  • Organic Agriculture Certification
  • Good Agricultural Practices Certification
  • GMP Good Manufacturing Practice Certification
  • FSC-COC Forest Management System Certification
  • ECO Ecological Product Certification

Product certification studies are carried out to ensure that a product complies with the relevant standards and other norms. Depending on the field of activity, some product certification studies go back to the supplier companies and include the evaluation of the quality systems of the supplier companies from which the raw materials and intermediate materials used in production are taken and the evaluation of the samples taken from the factory and the free market.

Product evaluation activities are also carried out by accredited certification bodies operating in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17065 standard (TS EN ISO / IEC 17065 Conformity assessment - requirements for organizations performing product, process and service certification).

The standard is designed to enable certification bodies to operate their third-party certification systems in a consistent, reliable and quality manner. Thanks to this standard, the work of the certification bodies is recognized on a national and international basis.

Producer companies benefit from product certification. For example, the quality and reliability of its products has created trust in customers. In addition, the competitiveness of the enterprise increases, products are marketed more easily and the reputation of the enterprise increases in the market. Inaccurate production and customer complaints decrease, this naturally increases customer satisfaction and increases the productivity of the enterprise. For customers using standards-compliant products, it also means safe product comfort.

For all enterprises producing a good or service, product certification studies are carried out in order to evaluate the adequacy of products, processes and services, determine the way to be applied, ensure that they comply with the relevant standards and specifications and establish a certain quality level.


The firm, which provides auditing, supervision and certification services to internationally recognized standards, also provides periodic inspection, testing and control services.

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