Equipment and materials, company products, are designed and protected to prevent contamination and wear-resistant materials are used. Product contact surfaces are made of materials that are non-absorbent, non-toxic, smooth, free of pit surfaces, unaffected by the product, and are not damaged by continuous washing and sanitation.

Equipment and materials are designed and placed in such a way as to prevent contamination and leave spaces around them. The equipment is suitable for cleaning, sanitation, protection and control. The equipment is protected and cleaned in accordance with the sanitation program. It is ensured that the materials carrying the inedible products are not used in the renewed products. Containers of inedible and waste products are clearly identified and prevented from leaking.

GMP: You can contact our brand TÜRCERT for more detailed procedures.

The necessary process and calibration methods for measuring devices have been determined and written. This includes measuring instruments, thermometers, scales, laboratory instruments and other measuring instruments. Calibration intervals, responsible person, measurement and verification procedures, corrective actions and data protection procedures are defined. A preventive maintenance program for equipment and materials is established with preventive maintenance procedures. This includes maintenance and repair frequencies, replacement of parts and components, responsible persons, measurement methods, verification activities and data protection.

  • All the equipments used in the facility are made of material suitable for food processing, easy to clean and resistant to abrasion and corrosion during washing.
  • Surfaces in contact with food do not contain toxic substances, foreign odors and taste, and there is no possibility of food contamination. Equipment maintenance is done regularly.


The firm, which provides auditing, supervision and certification services to internationally recognized standards, also provides periodic inspection, testing and control services.

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