Every company that decides to certify the ISO 13485 System and completes all preparations in this direction applies to a recognized and recognized certification institution in national or international platforms. The choice of the certification body is entirely the responsibility of the firm and there is no legal obligation. Company or institution; should select the certification body for the iso certificate by evaluating the customer portfolio.

ISO 13485 Why buy?

ISO 13485 thanks to the establishment;

  • Complies with current legal requirements.
  • It is mandatory to use CE marking in Medical Devices.
  • With ISO 13485, the organization extends its customer portfolio by certifying that it works in accordance with an internationally recognized standard.
  • ISO 13485 Certificate provides advantages and prestige against its competitors.
  • ISO 13485 Reduces customer complaints.
  • ISO 13485 Reduces product errors.
  • ISO 13485 System increases the profitability of the organization.
  • With ISO 13485 Management System, the enterprise obtains export advantage.
  • With ISO 13485, establishment activities can be monitored systematically by senior management,
  • ISO 13485 Quality Management System for Medical Devices can detect and correct the deficiencies of the organization,


  • We've only been doing our own business for years.
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  • We guarantee that you will be certified under the most favorable financial conditions and in the optimum period.
  • Turkey have the potential to serve in all regions.
  • We plan Türkak and overseas accredited documents according to the wishes of our customers, but we only provide reliable certifications to our customers.
  • We provide only documentation and applications specific to your organization.
  • We are creating a structure that constantly learns, is open to change and development, experienced and competent as a result of successful work, long-term thinking and accepts the customer as a solution partner.
  • We form your Mission, Vision and Quality Policy and your corporate goals that will carry your organization to the future.
  • We have a working style that can communicate with you as if you are one of your organization and also as a customer of your organization.
  • By giving in-house trainings again, we provide active participation of all employees and offer more appropriate financial conditions in our “consultancy package..

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The firm, which provides auditing, supervision and certification services to internationally recognized standards, also provides periodic inspection, testing and control services.



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