The inspection performed by certification companies such as intersystem is defined as 3. Certification of the companies that have established and implemented the system can be realized after the following steps:

1. OFFER: ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System by establishing certification companies who want to get certified firstly from certification companies. Certification firms determine their prices according to the number of personnel working in the firm to be certified. Since the size of the company requires more days for the inspection, etc., the number of employees should be known as a priority in performing all the processes of the inspection. In case of acceptance of the quotation, the firm to be certified shall apply to the Certification Body (Intersystem).

2.CREW: Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000: 2005) or related system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, ISO 10002, ISO 16949, ISO XNUMX, ISO XNUMX, HACCP, CE etc.) documents and other additional documents required by preparing to submit the application to the certification body.

3.DOCUMENTAL INSPECTION: The company applying to the certification body (Intersystem) presents a sample of the related system / systems during the application. The system documents are examined by the lead auditor appointed by the certification body and checked whether they meet the relevant standard requirements. If the conditions are met as a result of this examination, the company is included in the audit plan. In case it does not meet, the situation is reported in writing to the applicant company and the deficiencies are requested. After the company has solved the deficiencies, it is included in the audit plan. A preliminary visit can be planned together with the document inspection if deemed necessary by the lead auditor.

4. AUDIT PLANNING: The certification body determines the audit period and the appropriate auditors, date, which will be required for the applications to be seen in the firm according to the size of the organization, adhering to the ISO 17021 requirements. This information is sent to the company and confirmation is requested. After confirmation, the audit is carried out on the relevant date.
5. AUDIT: The audit is performed on the planned date. Audit starts with the opening meeting. Then, in accordance with the audit program, relevant departments are visited on site and documents and applications of system requirements are examined by the auditors. After the audits of all standard clauses and departments, the auditors evaluate the findings if any, and make a positive or negative recommendation for the certification. This decision is also communicated to the company through the closing meeting. If the decision of the audit team becomes negative, the related nonconformities are requested to be corrected. If the decision of the audit team is positive or after the nonconformities have been confirmed and confirmed by the certification body (corrections made during the follow-up audit or audit, the corrections are delivered to the certification body and the verification of the correctness) the certification procedure starts to operate.

6. CONTRACT: In case the reports are reviewed and approved by the relevant committee, certificates are prepared and a Certification Agreement is made with the company and the relevant system certificate is submitted to the company. The documents and the agreement are valid for three years. makes. Based on the results of this examination and the terms of the contract, these studies are continued.

DOCUMENT RENEWAL: ISO 22000: 2005 One or two months before the validity period of the certificate expires, the certificate holder company applies and requests the extension of the certificate period. In this case, the certificate is audited and the validity period of the certificate is extended for three more years.


The firm, which provides auditing, supervision and certification services to internationally recognized standards, also provides periodic inspection, testing and control services.

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