Neutral Evaluation

Documents issued by an accredited conformity assessment or certification body prove that the products or services in question fully meet the requirements applicable to those products or services, thereby reassuring customers. Therefore, one of the most important factors taken into account by the local and foreign accreditation bodies is the objective and independent evaluation of the institutions that will provide certification services.

TSE ISO / IEC TS 17021 Conformity assessment - The requirements standard for organizations that provide audit and certification of management systems is an international standard covering the accreditation requirements for organizations that will provide certification services. The main objective of this standard is to ensure that the work of certification bodies is acceptable both at national and international level.

TSE ISO / IEC TS 17021 standard contains similar conditions to the quality management system in order to ensure the development and continuation of certification activities. Because the accreditation process requires the organization to be determined and provide independent and impartial service.

In this respect, our company TÜRCERT Technical Control and Certification Inc. It is essential to provide accurate, fast, reliable and high quality service within the framework of the powers it has received from domestic and foreign accreditation institutions and without being under the pressure and suggestion of any private or official institution.

Based on this principle, our company acts in a manner that is free from all kinds of pressures, whether commercial or not, in its activities carried out for the persons or organizations it serves, to act impartially and independently, to make suspicions about the decisions taken during the studies and the correctness of these decisions, and to ensure that they do not overshadow their independence. The Company pays attention not to make shaken movements, to be objective in its activities and not to exhibit any behavior that will show that the decisions taken are influenced by the people or organizations that will benefit them.

At the same time, our organization does not exert any pressure on its employees by political, commercial, financial or other means. At the same time, it protects the information and documents in a safe and confidential manner and does not give details of any method, system, process, technical features, prospective plans, briefly any information and documents disclosed by the service organizations to third parties within the scope of certification activities. Neither is it in the position of designing, producing, supplying or purchasing the products of the service organizations in order to maintain its impartiality.


The firm, which provides auditing, supervision and certification services to internationally recognized standards, also provides periodic inspection, testing and control services.

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