TÜRCERT Continuously Expands Accreditation Range

In general, accreditation is not mandatory. Test, measurement, analysis, inspection and certification procedures to determine whether the products and services are sufficient according to the determined quality and safety conditions are generally included in the definition of conformity assessment.

Accreditation is not a mandatory practice, but the certification of products or services by an accredited organization supports the safe perception of these products or services by customers. With this systematic practice, accreditation has a significant impact on the elimination of technical barriers to commercial activities.

SCIENCE Technical Certification Inc., which is on the way to become a well-known brand, is trying to expand its accreditation range, while expanding its standardization studies throughout the country. In this way, it provides its customers with more reliable and worldwide valid certification services.

Currently, there are three organizations that provide the accreditations that SCIENCE has:

  • UAF - United Accreditation Forundation
  • IHI ALLIANCE (International Halal Integrity Alliance)

UAF is a full member of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) non-profit organization. UAF, the American accreditation body, operates in accordance with relevant international standards and requirements and maintains integrity and impartiality, taking into account national and public interests. UAF was established as an independent, impartial and transparent accreditation system. As a non-profit accreditation body, decisions taken by UAF are not subject to any commercial or financial obligation. The UAF is internationally recognized and also represents the interests of stakeholders in international forums with the goal of becoming a signatory to the international Multilateral / Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MLA / MRA) and takes measures to maintain the impartiality and impartiality of the accreditation process.

Of these, the Austrian-based OSAS accreditation body was founded in 2012. ÖSAS, which provides accreditation services to local and foreign institutions, is a private organization and operates voluntarily. It mainly collaborates with non-governmental organizations and accredits certification bodies all over the world to comply with international standards with a completely neutral and independent approach.

The other accreditation organization, IHI ALLIANCE, was established in 1991 under the leadership of Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. IHI ALLIANCE is the Malaysian Halal Certificate supported by the participation of other countries in the world. On the other hand, IHI ALLIANCE accredits certification bodies in order to maintain the integrity of the halal market understanding in the world.

In addition to these accreditations, SCIENCE strives to continuously improve its accreditation range. In this context, TÜRKAK also plans to make an accreditation application to the Turkish Accreditation Agency in the future, if SCIENCE® is deemed necessary. When this process is completed, TÜRCERT will also be accredited by TÜRKAK.

TURKAK was established in Turkey in 1999 with the aim of accrediting certification bodies.


The firm, which provides auditing, supervision and certification services to internationally recognized standards, also provides periodic inspection, testing and control services.



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