Certification of Conformity

What is TSE Certificate of Conformity?

The certificate of conformity is the name given to the certificate stating the conformity of the goods and services produced by the enterprises to the relevant standard in any subject with a standard published by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). The companies that have obtained the Certificate of Conformity can add the TSE brand to the goods and services they produce based on the agreement signed with the certification body. After the conformity certification studies carried out in this way, the companies receive the certificate of conformity and use the TSE brand on their products. TSE Certificate of Conformity is issued on behalf of the enterprise and shows the trademark, type, class and type of the related goods and services. The validity period of the Certificate of Conformity is one year.

The benefits obtained by the TSE Certificate of Conformity are as follows:

  • In the national markets, the enterprise has a great advantage.
  • In addition to ease of access to the market, it gains superiority over its competitors.
  • Operating costs are decreasing and increasing to high capacity in trade.
  • Gaining trust among consumers.
  • The goods and services offered to consumers are guaranteed to be reliable.
  • It is advantageous in public and private sector tenders.

In the offices and facilities of the enterprises requesting the Certificate of Conformity, a system with quality control capability and guaranteeing its continuity should be applied. In order to determine this situation, on-site audits are required by the certification body. In these audits, measurement, test, analysis and inspection studies required by the relevant standard are carried out. At the end of these studies, if the enterprise is found suitable, Certificate of Conformity is issued and delivered.

The important point here is to ensure the continuity of this Certificate of Conformity. For this reason, each year, the company has to have the audits and the certificate renewed. During these regular inspections, if necessary, product samples are collected from the market and the same measurements, tests, analyzes and inspections are performed. If it is decided that the entity does not deviate from the relevant certification requirements, the Certificate of Conformity shall remain valid.

TSE Brand

In this document, which is also referred to as the Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate, it is aimed that the enterprises producing goods and services, beforehand, will produce and maintain high quality standards and in compliance with the standards. However, it has an important role in terms of ensuring the health and safety of consumers.

This Certificate of Conformity means that the TSE brand is placed on the products. When this brand is placed on the products or packaging, it is understood that these products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant Turkish standard and presented to consumers.

Registration and use of TSE trademark is subject to the Decree Law on the Use of Trademarks. The TS 4600 brand, which is very common in daily life, for example on a door system or opening window, states that this product is manufactured under the TS EN 14600 standard (door systems and windows with fire resistance and / or smoke control features - Rules and classification). In short, this standard defines the criteria for demonstrating the characteristics of smoke leakage control, fire resistance and automatic closing durability of pedestrian access door systems, industrial door systems and opening windows.

However, in the use of TSE Mark, this trademark states that the certification company has proved that the third company meets the relevant standard criteria. Otherwise, it does not cover any guarantee given by Turkish Standards Institute.

The Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate plays a crucial role in the widespread use of Turkish standards in various sectors and in raising awareness of consumers. Compliance Certification activities, the first implementation of which began in 1964, are becoming more and more in demand and today they form a safety umbrella covering a large number of substances and products.

The subjects of certification given to Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate are as follows:

  • Certification of production sites
  • Certification of products
  • Documentation of service locations
  • Certification of laboratories
  • Certification of vehicles carrying hazardous waste by road

What is TSEK Quality Compliance Certificate?

Certification institutions are given the right to use TSEK Quality Compliance Certificate or TSEK brand. No Turkish standards may be published for certain substances and products produced in various sectors. In this case, this application has been developed to prove the suitability of such products.

If there is no Turkish standard for the product, but the company producing this product is entitled to receive the Manufacturing Qualification Certificate, the company is granted the right to use the TSEK brand in accordance with the following principles:

  • The products are subject to internationally defined standards.
  • Turkish standards that are similar to product qualities
  • National standards set by other countries
  • Technical literature

In addition to these principles, it is also considered whether the products comply with the Quality Factors and Values ​​accepted by the Turkish Standards Institute.

TSEK Certificate of Conformity issued on behalf of the enterprise that is granted the right to use the TSEK brand shows the trademark, type, class and type of the related goods and services. This certificate is valid for a period of one year and must be renewed every year after being audited.

In short, the TSEK brand proves that the products on which it is placed or on its packaging are produced and presented to consumers in accordance with the Quality Factors and Values ​​accepted by the Turkish Standards Institute.

The benefits of TSEK certificate to the enterprises can be listed as follows: decrease in the costs of the enterprise, increase in efficiency, increase the competition with the competitors in the market, enter the market fast, create trust in the consumers, prove the reliability of the products and gain advantages in the public and private sector tenders.

What is CE Mark Conformity Certificate?

The CE mark is a mark that proves that a product complies with the European Union directives. This sign indicates that the products are safe in terms of health, safety, environment and consumer protection. The directives established by the European Union describe which product should meet which key criteria and at what performance level. In the case of low-risk products, the company makes its own decision and places the CE mark on the product. However, in high-risk products, the Notified Body decides.



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